Thursday, 23 July 2020

Making a blogger's comeback?

Hi there,

I’m just going to assume I’m talking to myself now because it’s been almost two years since I posted and if we are being honest, four years since I was consistent at this. Right, what has happened since October 30, 2018? Well, lots (not really), let’s get into it.
The year is 2020 and there’s a PANDEMIC. Yeap, a highly infectious virus called “Coronavirus/COVID” is rampaging the whole world. This means the most fun anyone can have this year is to stay alive. I’m still alive hence this blog post.  We now greet each other with phrases like “Stay healthy”; “Stay safe” and “Stay masked”.

Right, moving on from the pandemic. I moved countries (again). So, let’s do a little recap. From Nigeria to England to Nigeria and now, to Canada. Phew! What interesting times! Anyways, I settled in Vancouver, B.C. Canada is made up of provinces and cities (not states), so that’s taking a while to get used to. So why did I move? That’s a story for another blog post (ooooh, the suspense LOL)

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. I wrote a book. Yes! A book called “NOW, WE UNLEARN”. It is a collection of poetry about the things I experienced personally and things I experienced through others. It was really difficult to write these things, but I’m glad I did. If you’re in Nigeria and you wanna buy one, send me a DM via my Instagram (@TomilolaVanna). If you’re outside Nigeria, you can buy it via Amazon Kindle.

What next? I don’t know. The blogging world is very unforgiving. Once you disappear for a while, it’s hard to come back. People expect you to monetize it (which isn’t bad, but just way too much pressure) and people demand consistency. I’m not great with that. Also, I’m such a different person from the person I was when I started this blog and I don’t know if you’ll like the new me, but I’m gonna put myself out there and see what happens. Maybe I’ll fail at this (such is life) or maybe someone else other than me will read this every once in a while.

Are outfit details still a thing? If yes, my dress is from New Look and I got it via ASOS.

Talk soon?
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Lots of love


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Felt so strange to click that "publish" button, but alas, here we are! xx

  2. Ah! I remember when outfit details were still a thing. The pressure around blogging is just too much these days! I know I’ll always come here to read anytime you have a post up though (consistent or not).
    Can’t wait to read about your move to BC!

    You look really great!

    1. Right?! Blogging seemed a lot more fun then. Now, everything's so professional lol. Thanks for always reading and supporting! It means a lot!

      Oh, the move to BC! Blog post for another day! Thanks hun!

  3. Such a cute post. Welcome back!

  4. We can’t wait for all the juice.. no pressure, but pressure.. 😂..I can’t wait to read all about the “simple life” from ig... great job!

    1. Even after saying there's no juice? Loool

      Thanks for being here!

  5. Welcome back, it's been too long and so great to have you back. I really really really understand that pressure to monetize every single thing LOL.

    1. Thank you so much! Yeap, I'm ridding myself of that pressure and doing whatever I want with my blog.

  6. Welcome back

  7. Dear Tomi.

    I've missed your website! I remember sending you a message on LinkedIn to be sure you hadn't disappeared.

    Jumped for excitement when my friend sent me your IG post today.

    Congratulations on your move, book and all the new exciting things happening to you.

    We can't wait to read more from you.


  8. Welcome back Tomilola. I’m glad I followed you on Facebook so it’s been refreshing to see you on my feed again. From there I ended up on your YouTube channel and now I’m back on your blog! I remember reading this religiously through my high school days. I loved it and I loved you!! Still love you! Lol. Hoping to see more from you!


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